Software and Hardware installation/ removals /updates

We can perform new installations of PC and setup the software needed. We can perform updates on your computer and software to make sure its update to and running smoothly.

Document creation and Policy reviews

We can help create and or edit policies that are useful in your business sector. This would give guidence to your employees and can also help you stay compliance with state and federal regulations.

Risk assessments

If you worried about data being transmitted incorrectly or if you wonder if your network is operating in a secure manner, let us perform a risk assement and determine if we can perform your business functions in a more secure manner.

Website/ Social media pages creation

Mitchell Technologies can create an online presents by creating a simple website, like the one you see here! Let us gather information of what is going on in business/ organization and let create a website that can be linked to you Facebook, YouTube or any other social media outlets.